India Sourcing :

India has emerged as a premier destination for product sourcing and companies worldwide are choosing to import from India.  Fuelled by the remarkable transformation and growth, with the advantage of skilled workers, improving infrastructure, cultural compatibility and a favourable regulatory environment – the country has helped make sourcing simpler and cheaper for companies across the world.

With increasing understanding of international customer’s requirements in terms of packaging, quality, social and safety issues, Indian exporters are progressing continuously as a source for competitive and ethical procurement.

Achieving procurement excellence in India requires the deployment of western style procurement practices, which are adapted to the local context and culture. What your business needs is experienced professional in India, so that your needs of import from India are met effortlessly.


What We Do :

  • Source potential vendors and negotiate pricing
  • Monitor sampling and facilitate product approval
  • Process export orders and ensure quality from sampling to shipment
  • Communicate and coordinate all sourcing activities


We always keep your compliance requirements in mind and help you reap real value through sourcing India services. We believe that product knowledge and high quality standard are vital in maintaining customer loyalty and ensure that these are maintained with a network of best suppliers in India.

You will notice a significant reduction in business risk as well because we will keep a regular control over the products and you will hardly ever deal with quality-related complaints. If you use these services for export purposes, you would benefit with significant time and cost savings as well as avoid travel costs for your business.
By choosing to outsource the management of your India sourcing initiative, you can successfully take advantage of spend consolidation and aggregation, enable greater visibility and control over the entire India sourcing process.
Better service delivered at lower total costs – this is exactly what product sourcing services will provide. We recognise that it is extremely important to determine the strategy which will work for your organization.
Convert savings potential into “reality” with a procurement service provider today.


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